Open Source Partnership for Brand Protection in Social Media

To combat spam and fraudulent social media profile creations for the benefit and protection of verified brand and trademark owners.

KnowEm's Primary Mission is Protecting Brand Identity

... and Combating Spammers, Bots and Frauds
Since we launched in 2009 KnowEm has been dedicated to stopping brandjackers and cybersquatters from Trademark and IP infringement. While our brand protection and commercial profile creation services have always been our primary mission, and since it's our primary business service it's what we've become most recognized for, we've also been committed "behind the scenes" to combating both social media update spam and blog comment spam.

User browsing social media profiles For years we've worked with a number of black list services to assist in developing open source APIs to report the usernames, IP addresses and email addresses of spammers that attempt to flood our public profile pages with the use of bots. We've also set up honeypots disguised as social networks (which allowed dofollow links, of course) to capture the information of offshore spammers that used automation techniques in their attempts to create massive amounts of profiles.

At one point we were allowing them to believe they were successful in creating over 100,000 accounts a day, when in fact the profiles they created were being fed directly into spam collection APIs. We were also able to compile a large database of the links they were creating these profiles to promote - most of these were offshore "SEOs" trying to sell their automated profile-spamming service as a link building service. And I use the term "SEO" loosely here because it's this kind of behavior that both gives real search marketers a bad name and makes it harder for them to promote web properties via legitimate techniques.

Users reviewing mobile app Now we'd like to expand our efforts and reach out to other site owners and bloggers to build a mutual partnership. Anyone who has to deal with the issue of fighting spam in user-generated content is welcome to join us in sharing ideas and best practices to create a true consortium of spam fighters that would like to make web communities a better place. We've just launched this initiative, so expect more to come soon!

This is a beta program still under development.